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Y12X-16P stainless steel wire port pressure reducing valve
Y43X proportional pressure reducing valve
Y645H pneumatic pressure reducing valve
Y945H electric pressure reducing valve
Y14H-16P stainless steel bellows pressure reducing valve
YG43H high sensitivity steam pressure reducing valve
YK43F stainless steel air pressure reducing valve
YZ11X branch pipe pressure reducing valve
Y43H-25 Pilot Piston Pressure Reducing Valve
Y42X stainless steel water pressure reducing valve
Y110X adjustable stainless steel threaded pressure reducing valve

What is the pressure reducing valve?

The pressure reducing valve, through adjustment, reduces the inlet pressure to a desired outlet pressure and relies on the energy of the medium itself to automatically maintain a stable outlet pressure.

From the perspective of fluid mechanics, a pressure reducing valve is a throttling element with variable local resistance. By changing the throttling area, the flow velocity and kinetic energy of the fluid are altered, resulting in different pressure losses, thus achieving pressure reduction. Then, relying on the regulation and control system, the fluctuation of the pressure behind the valve is balanced with the spring force, keeping the pressure behind the valve constant within a certain range of error.

· Classification of pressure reducing valves:

· Combination pressure reducing valve

· Direct acting pressure reducing valve

· Piston pressure reducing valve

· Diaphragm pressure reducing valve

· Direct-acting pressure reducing valve

· Pilot-operated pressure reducing valve

Pressure reducing valves can be classified according to structural forms such as diaphragm type, spring diaphragm type, piston type, lever type, and bellows type; according to the number of valve seats, they can be single-seat or double-seat; according to the position of the valve disc, they can be divided into direct acting and reverse acting. When the output pressure of the pressure reducing valve is high or the diameter is large, if the pressure is directly adjusted by the regulating spring, the stiffness of the spring will inevitably be too large, resulting in large fluctuations in output pressure when the flow rate changes, and the size of the valve structure will also increase. In order to overcome these shortcomings, pilot-operated pressure reducing valves can be used. The working principle of the pilot-operated pressure reducing valve is basically the same as that of the direct-acting type. The pressure regulating gas used in the pilot-operated pressure reducing valve is supplied by a small direct-acting pressure reducing valve. If the small direct-acting pressure reducing valve is installed inside the main valve body, it is called an internal pilot-operated pressure reducing valve; if the small direct-acting pressure reducing valve is installed outside the main valve body, it is called an external pilot-operated pressure reducing valve.

About the pressure reducing valves produced by Luofu Valve Group

Luofu Valve Group is one of the earlier pressure reducing valve manufacturers and suppliers in China. The products are designed according to international standards, and product testing and performance inspections are strictly carried out in accordance with international standards. The pressure reducing valves produced by the company are well-known in the industry for their excellent performance and reliable quality. Their main advantages and features are as follows:

Firstly, Luofu Valve Group has advanced production equipment and technical teams, dedicated to continuously improving the manufacturing process and quality control standards of products. The pressure reducing valves are manufactured using high-quality materials, and undergo strict process flows and quality inspections to ensure stable and reliable performance, capable of long-term operation in various harsh environments.

Secondly, the pressure reducing valves produced by Luofu Valve Group have precise pressure regulating functions, effectively controlling fluid pressure, protecting pipelines and equipment from the influence of excessive pressure, and extending their service life. At the same time, these pressure reducing valves are designed rationally, with compact structures and easy installation and maintenance, capable of meeting the needs of various industrial fields.

Furthermore, Luofu Valve Group's pressure reducing valves also have characteristics such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and good sealing performance, suitable for various media and working conditions, widely used in industries such as petrochemical, power generation, metallurgy, and papermaking.

In summary, Luofu Valve Group Co., Ltd. has won the trust and praise of customers with its high-quality products and excellent services, making it a reliable partner for you.