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Pressure Safety Valve With changeover valve(single control)
Prussure Safety Valve With changeover valve(double control)
A48sY high temperature and high pressure spring full lift safety valve
A48sH high temperature spring full lift safety valve
A47H/Y spring loaded low lift safety valve with lever
A44Y-64/100 spring loaded full lift closed safety valve with lever
A46Y/F pilot operated safety valve
A411 Breathing Safety Valve
A37H/A38Y/A43H Duplex spring-loaded safety valve
A48Y/H spring loaded full lift safety valve with lever
AF4QH-10C Blower safety valve
A72W-10P Vacuum Negative Pressure Safety Valve
A61H/Y-160/320 spring loaded low lift safety valve
A44Y-16/25/40 spring loaded full lift closed safety valve with lever
W series spring full lift safety valve
A type\TA type oil refining safety valve series
A49Y-P5414V DN20 pulse safety valve
A69Y-P5414V DN100 high pressure main safety valve
A49H-40 main relief valve
A42Y spring loaded full lift closed high pressure safety valve

What is the safety valve?

A safety valve is a special branch of the valve family, which is unique because it only serves as a switch compared to other valves. More importantly, it can also protect the safety of equipment.

Safety valves are important safety accessories on boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressurized equipment. Safety valve (also known as safety relief valve and pressure safety valve) automatically open and close according to the working pressure (working temperature) of the pressure system. They are generally installed on equipment or pipelines in closed systems to protect system safety. When the pressure or temperature inside the equipment or pipeline exceeds the set pressure of the safety valve, it automatically opens for pressure relief or cooling, ensuring that the pressure (temperature) of the medium inside the equipment and pipeline is below the set pressure (temperature), protecting the normal operation of the equipment and pipeline, preventing accidents, and reducing losses. Safety valves are mainly widely used in steam boilers, liquefied petroleum gas tank cars or liquefied petroleum gas railway tank cars, oil production wells, high-pressure bypass of steam power generation equipment, pressure pipelines, pressure vessels, etc.

The History of Luofu Safety Valve

Luofu Valve Group Co., Ltd. was established on April 11, 2005, with a registered capital of 110.88 million yuan. It is a large leading valve enterprise and has successively become a member of the resource market of Sinopec Material and Equipment Company, a first-class material supplier of PetroChina (member of Energy No.1 Network), a network supplier of CNOOC, a first-class network member of Shenhua Group, a qualified supplier of China Chemical Group, and a qualified supplier of Wison Engineering (China) Co., Ltd. And in November 2013, it was approved by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and obtained ASME "UV" certification. Over the years, we have provided various American standard series safety valve products with reliable quality and reasonable prices for domestic industries such as petroleum, petrochemical, coal chemical, and power, which have received high praise from users. At the same time, Luofu Valve Group has established good cooperative relationships with relevant units such as Sinopec Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Company, PetroChina East China Survey and Design Institute, China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd., China Chengda Engineering Company, Hualu Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Donghua Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Daqing Petrochemical Design Institute, Shengli Oilfield Design Institute, Fushun Petrochemical Design Institute, and has signed strategic cooperation framework agreements with PetroChina, Sinopec, and subsidiary units of CNOOC for refining projects and ethylene projects.

Why choose us?

The predecessor of Luofu Valve Group Co., Ltd. was Luofu Boiler Accessories Factory, established in 1984. It was the first safety valve manufacturing factory in China to obtain a special equipment manufacturing license.

In addition to manufacturing various types of safety valves according to national standards, we can also produce safety valves in accordance with American, Russian, German, and Japanese standards. We can also customize various non-standard safety valves for our customers.

Luofu Valve Group Co., Ltd. has strong capabilities and top-notch technology. The product quality strictly follows ISO9001 standards, with timely delivery and guaranteed after-sales service. As long as you have a need for safety valves, we can provide you with products and services.