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A48sY High Temperature and High Pressure Spring Full Open Safety Relief Valve
A48sH High Temperature Spring Full Open Safety Relief Valve
A47 Spring Micro Open Safety Relief Valve
A44 Spring Full Open Closed Safety Relief Valve
A46 Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valve
A411XH Breathing Safety Relief Valve
A42 Spring Full Open Closed High Pressure Safety Relief Valve
A42 Spring Full Open Closed Safety Relief Valve
A41 Spring Loaded Microclosed High Pressure Safety Relief Valve
A28W-16T Spring Micro-Opening Unclosed Safety Relief Valve
A27 Spring Micro-Opening Unclosed Safety Relief Valve
A21 Micro Closed Spring Loaded Pressure Relief Valve

What is the Safety Relief Valve?

The safety relief valve is a valve used for safety protection. When the medium within equipment or pipelines is subjected to external force, its opening and closing components remain normally closed. When the medium pressure rises and exceeds the specified value, it automatically opens to discharge the medium outside the system, preventing the pressure within the pipeline or equipment from exceeding the designated value. Safety relief valves are automatic valves primarily used in boilers, pressure vessels, and pipelines, playing a critical role in controlling pressure to ensure personal safety and equipment operation.

Working Principle of Safety Relief Valves

· Pressure Regulation: Inside the safety relief valve, a spring is adjusted using a nut to change its tightness. When the internal system pressure exceeds the set value, the spring is forced open, creating a passage.

· Pressure Release: Once the passage opens, the excess pressure gas or liquid flows through the passage to the bottom of the safety relief valve and is discharged into the environment through the base channels. During discharge, the base is designed with multiple channels to quickly release pressure.

· Pressure Restoration: When the internal system pressure drops back within the safe range, the spring closes the passage, stopping the discharge of gas or liquid. At this point, the safety relief valve returns to its normal state, continuing to protect the system.

Types of Safety Relief Valves

· Spring-Loaded Safety Relief Valve: This type senses pressure through the valve seat. When pressure increases, the valve is pushed open to release pressure. Once the pressure drops to a safe level, the spring retracts, sealing the valve seat.

· Lever Safety Relief Valve: This type uses a lever principle to release pressure via the valve seat, achieving safety effects. Due to its simple principle and rough structure, it is suitable for simple equipment with less precise safety requirements.

· Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valve: Utilizing a pulse principle to release pressure, when pressure is too high, an auxiliary valve triggers the main valve to open and release pressure. This valve's complex and precise structure is ideal for large industrial equipment requiring high safety and precision.

Why Choose Luofu Valve Group's Safety Relief Valves?

Luofu Valve Group Co., Ltd., as a professional Safety Relief Valves Manufacturer in China, enjoys a strong reputation for its safety relief valves within the industry. Here are the main advantages of choosing Luofu Group's safety relief valves:

High-Quality Materials: Luofu Group uses premium raw materials to manufacture safety relief valves, ensuring stable operation under high pressure and high temperature conditions. Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials significantly extend valve life, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Advanced Manufacturing Processes: The company employs internationally advanced production equipment and manufacturing techniques to ensure the precision and reliability of each safety relief valve. High-precision manufacturing not only improves valve sealing performance but also ensures sensitive response when regulating pressure, guaranteeing system safety and stability.

Comprehensive Product Line: Luofu Group offers a variety of models and specifications of safety relief valves to meet diverse working conditions and industry requirements. Whether in the petroleum, chemical, power, or pharmaceutical industries, suitable products are available to meet stringent safety relief needs.

Strong R&D Capability: The company boasts an experienced R&D team that continuously innovates technology and upgrades products. The application of new technologies ensures Luofu safety relief valves excel in regulation precision, response speed, and energy efficiency, staying at the forefront of the industry.

Strict Quality Control: Luofu Group implements a stringent quality management system, conducting rigorous quality inspections at every stage from design to production to ensure high product reliability and safety. Each safety relief valve undergoes strict pressure testing before leaving the factory to ensure optimal performance in actual use.

Excellent After-Sales Service: Luofu Group offers a comprehensive after-sales service system, with a professional technical support team ready to solve customer issues, ensuring long-term stable operation of customer equipment. Quick-response after-sales service allows customers to receive timely assistance, minimizing downtime.

Customized Solutions: The company can provide customized safety relief valve solutions based on specific customer needs. Whether dealing with special media or specific pressure regulation requirements, Luofu Group offers professional technical support and solutions to ensure overall system efficiency.

Compliance with International Standards: Luofu Group’s safety relief valve products are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with international standards, ensuring their applicability and compliance globally. Multiple international certifications attest to the trust and acclaim Luofu safety relief valves receive in the global market.


Choosing safety relief valves from Luofu Valve Group Co., Ltd. guarantees high-quality, high-performance, and highly reliable products. With professional technical support and excellent after-sales service, Luofu Group is dedicated to providing safe, stable, and efficient solutions, ensuring your production systems operate safely under various conditions.